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Comment: Added link to the data submission MCB 2016 publication

ZFIN welcomes direct data submissions. If you would like to make your unpublished expression or phenotype data available to the community, you can submit this data to ZFIN using the Phenote program.  A detailed description of the data types that can be submitted to ZFIN, along with data submission templates have been reported in Howe et al., 2016.  These resources can help guide data collection for submission to ZFIN.

Phenote allows you to save and load your expression or phenotype annotations in a tab-delimited file that can be read by Microsoft Excel. Phenote is advantageous because it uses ZFIN anatomy and phenotype ontology terms, so you (and ZFIN) don't have to go looking for them. It also allows basic browsing for terms, which should expedite annotation. We hope that you will find this new tool helpful for annotation of mutant phenotypes or gene expression.