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Monte Westerfield, P.I.; Yvonne Bradford, Project Manager; and the rest of the ZFIN Database Team

Advisory board:

Becky Burdine - Princeton University
Mary Mullins - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Brant Weinstein - NIH
David Raible - University of Washington
Will Talbot - Stanford University School of Medicine
David Grunwald - University of Utah Medical School
Lila Solnica-Krezel - Washington University School of Medicine Steve Farber - Carnegie Institution
Shawn Burgess - NIH
Mike Cherry - Stanford Shawn Burgess – NIH

Elisabeth Busch-Nentwich – Queen Mary University of London

Mike Cherry – Stanford University

Jeff De Pons – Medical College of Wisconsin

Anna Hutenlocher – University of Wisconsin – Madison

Kristen Kwan – University of Utah

Adam Miller – University of Oregon

Sierra Moxon – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Robyn Tanguay – Oregon State University

Ajay Pillai - Program Officer, NHGRI, NIH