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      4. If the gene is new to zebrafish but has a human or mouse ortholog, check the Human Nomenclature Database or the Mouse Genome Informatics resources for the name and symbol used in those species:



Human and mouse gene names in these two resources are approved by nomenclature committees.


HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee: Genome Database:



  • Provide a sequence accession number if the sequence is public in an on-line sequence database. It is very helpful if you include the amino acid sequence, nucleotide sequence, or both with your request if they are not publicly available.
  • If you have mapped the gene on a mapping panel, provide the map position and on which mapping panel the gene is mapped. Preferably indicate its location with respect to the two nearest flanking "z" markers (MGH SSLPs - If  If you have placed the gene on the Sanger Institute's Ensembl contig (, please provide the coordinates.
  • If you believe the zebrafish gene is the ortholog of a gene in another species, provide the evidence (amino acid sequence comparison, nucleotide sequence comparison, conserved synteny, probe cross hybridization, etc.).
  • If possible, please provide a phylogenetic tree or description of the relationships between your zebrafish gene and orthologous or related genes in other species.
  • Include any other information or commentary you view as pertinent in assigning proper gene nomenclature.