NIH request for information on Scientific Data Sources

Please read Model organism databases are in jeopardy a perspective by Bellen et al., 2021 that will help model organism community members understand the issues and develop responses to the NIH request for information linked below.


Please respond to NIH request for information (RFI)

NIH has issued this request for information (RFI) on the use of data resources. The deadline to respond to this RFI is October 15, 2021. The RFI is very broad and mentions Model Organism Databases only in passing (only FlyBase is mentioned by name in the RFI). Continued adequate funding for community centric model organism data resources is in danger. It is, therefore, very important that NIH receives a robust response from the scientific community on how Model Organism data resources are used and their value to scientific research. 

Thank you for your support!