Welcome to the ZFIN Community Antibody Wiki

Zebrafish researchers can help each other by sharing antibody information - new antibodies, protocols, tips - anything that might be helpful.

The  antibodies in the wiki are community added and are a supplement to the more than 3,650 antibodies in ZFIN.

How to Contribute

To create a new antibody or add a comment, you must have a wiki account. If you do not have an account and would like to update content, please contact us via email with details.

Community Submitted Antibodies

Below is a sample of some of the antibodies that have been contributed by the community.   Please use the Search functionality to find more!

Note: Antibodies listed below are not in the ZFIN antibody database.

Finding an antibody

Antibodies often have several different names. If you don't see an antibody in the list below, double-check by searching for it or any of its related information using the antibody search-field:

Use * and ? for wildcard searches. For more help with search syntax, see Confluence Search Syntax.