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The zebrafish welfare terms WIKI provides a standardised approach to the language used across facilities when describing zebrafish characteristics, which have the potential to impact welfare. We hope that by using these standardised terms we raise awareness of potential health concerns specific to genetic background and environmental impacts, which affect the well-being of zebrafish in our facilities and help bridge communication between different constituents involved in animal care. The terms have been created, reviewed, and added to by experienced animal caretakers and veterinarians.

If you would like to add to or edit this document please email one of these contacts. Further information regarding zebrafish welfare terms can be found in: Standardised Welfare Terms for the Zebrafish Community (http://zfin.org/ZDB-PUB-160421-6).

Goodwin et al_zeb_2016_1248.pdf


We are pleased to announce that severity banding has been added to the welfare terms. This score system is currently used by 2 facilities within the UK which hope you will find this a useful guidance tool.

If you would like to receive printable copies of the welfare terms and severity score documents, please contact us.