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Zebrafish Microsatellite Maps

Zebrafish map 2000

Shimoda et al. (1999) Zebrafish genetic map with 2000 microsatellite markers. Genomics 58:219-232.

Map Comparison

Comparison of the zebrafish microsatellite map (Shimoda et al.) and the RAPD map (Postlethwait et al.).

Data and graphics of the zebrafish map paper

Knapik, et al. (1998) A microsatellite genetic linkage map for zebrafish (Danio rerio). Nature Genetics 18, 338-343.
A zebrafish genetic linkage map consisting of 705 simple sequence-length polymorphism markers (SSLPs), using 44 F2 progeny from the AB x IN reference cross.

Data for zebrafish reference cross DNA panel paper

Knapik et al. (1996) A reference cross DNA panel for zebrafish (Danio rerio) anchored with simple sequence length polymorphisms. Development 123, 451-460.
A reference cross panel of DNA, consisting of 520 F2 progeny (1040 meioses) of an AB x India (IN) intercross that has been anchored to a zebrafish genetic linkage map by 102 simple sequence length polymorphisms.

Suggested Markers for Bulk Segregant Analysis

Markers suggested for first-pass mapping, including protocol and primers list.

Raw Data