Anti-CDC42 Antibody

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 Anti-CDC42 Antibody

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 CDC42Hs antibody|Cell division control protein 42 homolog antibody|Cell division cycle 42(GTP binding protein 25kDa) antibody|Cell division cycle 42 antibody|Cell division cycle 42 isoform 1 antibody|Cell division cycle 42 isoform 2 antibody|dJ224A6.1.1(cell division cycle 42(GTP-binding protein, 25kD)) antibody|dJ224A6.1.1 antibody|dJ224A6.1.2(cell division cycle 42(GTP-binding protein, 25kD)) antibody|dJ224A6.1.2 antibody|G25K antibody|G25K GTP binding protein antibody

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 Bovine, Human, Mouse, Rat

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 A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence in the middle region of human CDC42(121-138aa DDPSTIEKLAKNKQKPIT), identical to the related mouse, rat and zebrafish sequences.

UniProt IDP60953
ApplicationsIHC-P, WB
Catalog NumberPA1366



(a) (b)

(a)PA1366, IHC(P): Human Mammary Cancer Tissue (b)Western blotting Anti-CDC42 antibody, Lane 1: Recombinant Human CDC42 Protein 10ng; Lane 2: Recombinant Human CDC42 Protein 5ng; Lane 3: Recombinant Human CDC42 Protein 2.5ng


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