Postdoctoral Fellowship in Hearing Regeneration and/or Genomics - National Human Genome Research Institute

The National Institutes of Health is a world-leading biomedical research campus located in Bethesda, Maryland made up of 27 individual, mission-centered institutes. It also serves as the main funding agency for biomedical research throughout the United States. The National Human Genome Research Institute ( has a specific focus on understanding how the genome functions and how alterations in the genome impact human health. 


Postdoctoral Opportunity:


The Burgess lab ( ) is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow for a fully funded position (international applications are possible). The lab has broad interests in identifying the genes and regulatory networks necessary for hearing and/or other tissue regeneration in zebrafish. There are also opportunities for developing new model systems, computational projects including genome assembly, and technology development to leverage zebrafish in high-throughput screening approaches such as drug screening or CRISPR/Cas. There are many projects available and preference is given for ideas generated by the applicant.


Minimum Qualifications are a PhD, MD or equivalent degree, specific relevant training in the topics is not essential.


If interested please send:


  1. a cover letter describing relevant qualifications, questions you might be interested in pursuing, and specific career goals.

  2. a current CV

  3. names and contact information of three references


Send inquiries or application materials in an email to